Meegan Kelleher: Comedian

Artist Statement:

“When I was 10 and getting ready to walk up the stairs to the pulpit to do the readings from scripture at my church, some grown ups said, “Aren’t you nervous?” I wasn’t. I thought “stage fright” was yet another thing the wealthy popular girls had, that I didn’t.  I worried that something was wrong with me because I didn’t shake or speak in a monotone voice when we had to read aloud in class. So I pretended to be nervous to fit in. The more we pretend to be something the more it becomes truth. That set back my career at least ten years – and I never really fit in anyway. I have now realized that most grown ups are dumb, and not giving a fuck is probably the most powerful skill an actor, especially a comedian, can have. The turning point was when I realized that not fitting means I stand out.”


Originally from the suburbs of Washington D.C. Meegan Kelleher always secretly wanted to be an actress but thought she wasn’t pretty enough. After spending a year at art school trying to be a painter, then attending community college sporadically, Meegan dropped out of college and resigned herself to working for the government by day and manning the spotlight shined on the  community theatre actors below by night. Then one sunny Tuesday morning the office next to hers got hit by an airplane and she realized life is too short to deny ourselves happiness. She quit her job and finished her theatre degree at George Mason University College of Visual and Performing Arts.

She spent several years in Chicago studying comedy at legendary institutions such as The Second City and the Annoyance Theatre. The Second City – where she worked in the office and performed on the side stages – was the family that literally fed her, clothed her, and gave her emotional support. The Annoyance – where she was invited to experiment with her unique directing style –  taught her to think for herself and embrace the things that made her different. Meegan wrote, acted in, directed, or produced countless sketch comedy and improv shows- sometimes four different shows in a weekend.

She acted in a few shorts and independent films in the Chicago area including “South Dakota Sport” and “Treasury Men in Action.” Dissatisfied with the lack of auditions for her body type, she taught herself digital editing and became a one woman production crew. Meegan was at the forefront of the YouTube revolution with her HappyMondayGirl channel releasing a short video every week on Mondays for a year, for which she received the 2007 Jim Zulevic Chicago Arts Award from The Second City.

Relocating to Los Angeles in 2013, Meegan began focusing on stand up comedy and film, and television acting. She was recently seen in the Burbank Comedy Festival, and the LA Funny Women Festival. If you look closely you might notice her briefly in Super Fun Night, Battle Creek or dancing in a commercial. She performs live in Los Angeles at places like Flappers Comedy Club, The World Famous Comedy Store and The Ice House Comedy Club.

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