Erin Marie Greene : Enthusiast

Featured Fridays are designated for powerful, talented, and exuberant woman. Erin Greene was the strongest, most powerful, and most exuberant woman that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She brought the brightest light to a world that sorely needs it, and even in her passing her light lives on.





Erin was born in 1991, and I can imagine, instantly spread pixie dust wherever she went. She didn’t grace my life until much later. Let me say this, Erin and I were not close by any means, we may have only talked a handful of times, but who she was as a person gave you wonderful chills. She was one of those people that you meet once and they change the way you see things. They show that life can be so much more, if only we tried. To be honest, she is a driving force behind this very website. When I thought my life got ‘hard’, fate had a way of putting one of Erin’s statuses right in front of me or she would like one of mine. That’s who Erin was, her love and her support spread like wildfire. I don’t think a single person who met her could say they didn’t feel her positivity. A big source was Disney, and while everyone else wanted to be a princess – Erin wanted to be the Fairy Godmother. Even in her wildest dreams, she was still making other’s wishes come true. While most of us hate our 9 to 5 or the “bill paying jobs”, Erin was fearless and worked for her dream. We complain about going to work, but Erin called Disney her home. She wanted to create Magic, and she truly did.

While she was battling real pain and suffering, she supported others first, and she supported every person, no matter their race, sexuality or personality. The girl didn’t have a mean bone in her body. Erin was battling Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a rare and painful disease dealing with inflammation of the blood vessel which can lead to further complications. On the outside you’d barely know she was struggling; She was a champion and true princess. Every status, every picture held a smile. She shared her journey honestly with all her pain and all her fortitude. Even her last post was hope filled. Memories of her seemed to flood in from so many people. Of  how she made their Disney experience wonderful or how she was an always an uplifting friend. I’ll always wonder if she knew how truly inspiring she was. 

We couldn’t mention Erin without mentioning bows. There are a few things I remember specifically talking to Erin about: Disney and Bows. While I grew out of my bow phase (because I felt too grown up for them), Erin still rocked hers. This was who Erin was, someone who was completely herself… always. Every time I see a bow now (and thanks to her I’ve gotten back into wearing them myself), I think of Erin. It’s a small symbol of her. Of how life can be full of ups and downs but when you tie it together, the knot creates strength and all you see is the whole picture.

Erin may gone, but we can continue her light and legacy. She made every moment count – and so should we. She set example that we can learn from and live by. Let her Exuberance survive – Help each other, lift one another up, and celebrate each other. Let her talent survive – Motivate, love, and care with every fiber of your being. Let her strength survive – When life pulls you down, smile through the bad, and kick it in the pants.  #GreeneStrong


Words don’t seem to be enough to embody who Erin was, because she impacted the world with so much more.

Artist Statement: “Have courage and be kind.” They were words from Disney’s latest version of Cinderella, but they seem to be words straight from Erin herself. Have the courage to make the world a better place, because Erin Marie Greene did.


-Lexcee Riley