“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

~ Carrie Bradshaw


Being a girl is freaking hard. Being a woman: also hard. If it wasn’t bad enough, once a month our bodies takes a crap on us, leaving us few defenses against our emotional and physical state. While I found many sources to state that men and women have similar physical brains, I found a study that men and women are wired differently. A woman can not have a moment of peace; her brain is constantly on the go. (1)

“Does he like me?” “What happened during the Cold War, again?” “She hasn’t answered my text, is she mad at me?” -This is all one thought. All one flicking moment in which most of my male friends have stated, “That’s an interesting cloud.” Simple, yet thoughtful.HOWEVER… I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our difference does not highlight an affluence of inequality but highlight a balance.

Women are also statistically proven to live longer than their counterparts. So I asked why. And no, I don’t have science or proof that this is the answer, but among those I surveyed (which honestly was not LARGE) every single one of them said the bonds of their friends. We are these complex human beings, more so than the layers of the onions Shrek once described (#datedreference). We are a million things all rolled up into an interesting package. As I’ve grown older, I’ve honestly preferred the company of men – for one simple reason: They are easy to get along with. They balance the wonderful crazy twister that I am. However, put me on a desert island allowing me to only bring one person, and sorry gentlemen, but I’m taking one of my girls. You could lock up my best gals and I; We would never be bored. And to be honest, we would find a way out.

Being a woman comes with a sense of viciousness and most of the time this is excellent quality. Mean Girls was funny because it was playing the truth. We can be hurtful, and damn, if we do not have a way with words. Ladies out there, if I have ever hurt – I am deeply sorry. I am gonna love you forever, even if we don’t speak anymore you made this epic difference in my life and for that I will only ever be a phone call away. We do not celebrate each other enough. Go out and get that drink for the job interview done well. Get sushi when you’ve kicked one off the bucket list. Hug it out after a stupid fight. Find the beauty in the little moments and in each other.

This is not in any way to knock men, like I said, I love them and most days prefer them. But once a month, when I have a bowl of ice cream and a glass of wine in front of me, I have a moment where I think it’s small price to pay. At the end of the day, being a woman is chaotic, beautiful, and a sisterhood I count myself lucky to be a part of of.

-Lexcee Riley