Devonnie Black: Storyteller



An excerpt from Devonnie’s forthcoming novel,  By(e) November (working title):

Alex’s entire world is torn apart when he finds Lana’s journal. Their fourteen month relationship wasn’t prepared for Lana’s plan. Now, Alex is stuck to sift through the ashes for a chance to save her and their relationship.

“I’m not sure how we got here. To this empty, scared place where we’re treating each other like broken pieces of glass. Lana and I are sitting across from each other at a tiny dinner table that may as well be the Pacific Ocean for how distant we are right now. Me, feeling like the world has just swallowed me up and spit me back out, and her… well, I’m not sure what she’s feeling. She looks broken too but I can’t tell for sure. Something like this changes everything. It makes you question who you fell in love with. It makes you want them to take back every “I love you” and “I need you”. I just stare at her, watching as the silent tears she’s allowing to fall, trickle down her resolute face. That’s what kills me the most. She won’t change her mind. Nothing I say will be good enough to change her mind. I watch as one of the drops hugs her beautiful round face as it makes its slow descent, a face I know every inch of, and drop onto one of the pages. They’re everywhere. All this paper. Like the aftermath of an atomic bomb. Ashes sprinkled across the dining room table and floor. Ashes from the weapon she made that destroyed us. That’s what our relationship is now, ashes.”

Artist Statement:

I don’t know when it happened. When storytelling became my everything. It could have happened between the pages of my cherished Harry Potter collection. Then again, I’ve never felt more like a storyteller than in the sixth grade when I wrote my first novel about telepathic teenage twin sisters. Or maybe it was during the first time I made a roux in High School. Where the stories were told through flavors and colors and the amount of contented sighs each forkful received. I’ve just always had something to say. No matter the medium. I don’t think I’m doing it right yet, though. I’m still trying to figure out how to be unapologetically consumed by my craft and being a bill paying-consistent income earning adult. Most of the time writing, cooking, performing, they fall to the back burner. I’m still learning how to follow my dreams and while keeping a steady income. I can’t wait until I do. I think it’s important for everyone to follow their dreams.

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Devonnie is a storyteller who uses writing, cooking and performance as her mediums. She is a technology addict and self-proclaimed obsessor of love. A graduate of Food & Finance High School with a bachelor’s in Theatre and Performance from SUNY Purchase College, Her lifestyle articles can be found on BLAVITY, a tech startup and digital community for millennials of color. She is also building her personal blog, Defining Devonnie, where you will be able to follow along with all her adventures as a Jamaica born-New York raised-California transplant living in Seattle while semi-successfully navigating adulthood. She is currently working on a novel about young love and heartbreak, her absolute favorite. Devonnie plans on reviving her youtube channel so that she may broaden her audience and get back to her love of connecting with people through film and video. Her short-term goals including publishing her first novel, finding the sorcery necessary for making your passion your career and keeping a plant for longer than three weeks.