Emilie Rae Ohanian Svensson – Director






It’s no secret that Hollywood is a male dominated industry. With that being said, there is no way around the situation where you can work with only women, or better yet, a healthy mix of women AND men sharing equal roles on set. This saddens me, knowing that the art of cinema was originally founded by both. My advice to other young women who are in the same boat alongside me, is that you want to seek out and stick with forward thinking men who respect you as a professional and who will help train you, so one day you are able to become your own master of your craft, and together, we can even the playing field. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some of them, and I’m grateful everyday that they give me the one thing anyone could ever need in the industry- a chance. A chance to take risks, find my own voice, and have the opportunity to tell my story. Find your passion, pursue it relentlessly, and take a chance on yourself to accomplish the impossible.


Emilie Svensson #killnit on set


Featured in “SAILING” Magazine, “Kryss” Magazine, and “The Sailing  Podcast”.



Most notable works:

-Feature Length Documentary, “Sailing On A Shoestring

-Short Documentary: “70th Annual Liberation of Auschwitz

-Client Videos: Emilie Svensson’s Videos 

-Instagram: emsven13



Emilie has always loved movies, but her true passion for filmmaking began when she was 15 years old and she took her first video production class with her high school teacher, Dave Ruby. She’s been making videos ever since. Emilie studied video production throughout high school and continued with her studies in college at George Mason University in Virginia, and New York Film Academy in California. She graduated with her degree in 2014, co-founded the Delta Kappa Alpha Iota Chapter, (a professional co-ed cinema fraternity), and made a feature length documentary for her senior thesis, “Sailing On A Shoestring”. Her film has been featured in “SAILING Magazine”, “Kryss” magazine, “The Sailing Podcast”, and “Boat Radio International” with Mike McDowell from Business Insider and CNN. Currently, it can be purchased here: https://gumroad.com/l/PcWl

After graduation, she immediately moved to Los Angeles, California to continue pursuing her craft, and desire to be a director. With help from her L.A-based mentors, Par Eckberg, Jonas Akerlund, and Marja Lewis-Ryan, she has been able to get on set for music videos, commercials, and an independent feature. For nearly two years, she has been freelancing as a PA, camera PA, editor, videographer, and 2nd AD with various production companies such as USA Today Sports, Disney, HSI, Anonymous Content, Guerilla Hollywood, and Fried Crickets Productions. She also has her own production company, Film Stuff Productions, which primarily focuses on creating music videos, commercials, and “hype” videos for various music artists, including OkGo. As of late, Emilie has created a short documentary, and two comedy shorts currently in post-production; “Actors Waiting To Audition” and “Interracial Couples” written by Beth Nintzel and Adrian Burks.

Today, Emilie is working at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures creating videos and web content, still pursuing her desire to create more music videos, 360 videos, commercials and eventually, feature length dark comedies.