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Artist Statement:

Whenever I see women on a film set taking charge, inspiring passion, and doing what she loves, I smile knowing that these are some of the women creating a shift, establishing a balance, within the film world.  For me, they are trailblazers and I got to watch multiple women do just that on the CW show, The Vampire Diaries. I’m not just talking actresses, although the women on that show are fierce and have some beautiful creative input, I’m also talking about script supervisors, directors, grips, assistant camera operators, costumers, makeup artists, production assistants, the list goes on. That show has women all throughout the set working hard with focus and dedication and I’m very proud I can say I got to be one of those women helping move the production along on Season 7.

I started working on the first episode of Season 7 last summer (2015). This was right after I had moved to Atlanta to work as a stand in; a not so glamorous job and usually temporary position. I was happy to be there on the fast-paced and bustling film set soaking in the atmosphere and people. I learned fast and before I knew it, I was being called in every week until the season finally ended in March 2016.

During that time, I was a stand in, a photo double, a hand double, a body double, and my all-time favorite, an off-camera reader. The AD trusted me enough to read with the main actors multiple times and it felt like more than a job, more than just helping your boss for a paycheck, it felt like family.


I will be returning to work on ‘The Vampire Diaries” for their very last season and I must admit it’s bittersweet despite having only worked for one season. This feeling alone tells of how close everyone is on set.

While I admire the women on that set for being inspiring, strong and creative role models, I still feel a balances is needed in the film world. In my experience, the women on that set have a specific, unique voice; they are fearless with their creative vision. The one time I got to watch the show creator, Julie Plec direct, I saw that voice in action. Talk about a woman to inspire you to keep going with your dreams!  She was focused, prepared, dedicated and she kept the set in good spirit (which is more important than one might think). “The Vampire Diaries” has a great balance of men and women working together and I hope to see more of that balance occur on TV Shows & films. I feel the shift happening, it is steady and strong.

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Sara Taylor Torres is an actress from Washington D.C. where she graduated with her theatre degree from George Mason University. After dabbling in some short films at her college, she fell in love with film and decided to pursue film acting in Atlanta, GA. Focusing on the indie film world, she had been involved with many short indie films all across the east coast. She recently just obtained her SAG eligibility and became represented by one of Atlanta’s top agencies, J. Pervis Talent. After just one year of moving to Atlanta, she is, like the women she got to observe, focused and dedicated to the journey of discovering herself through this beautiful and mysterious craft.