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Poor Little Rich Girl, let’s get one thing straight (and, I hate to break it to you, it ain’t your gay BFF)… Jobs, careers, and most forms of employment are meant to be callings. Always. (And if anyone tells you otherwise, send them to me – mwah!)

That being said, do not fret if you haven’t found some of your callings yet, or if you’re barking up the wrong employment tree, or-ahem-not barking up any kind of tree at all; just read on.  If you’re leading yourself astray, the universe will say, “heeeeeaaall no,” and if you listen closely, it will point you on a benevolent course.

Admittedly, I may not be the best person to take career advice from.  My story, “From professional actress to professional toilet-bowl-cleaner” may not have the ring to it you’re looking for.  For sure, I am an idealist with a very small knack for realistic application when it comes to choosing or maintaining a permanent position of employment.

(Recently I saw a posting and thought – Yeah!  I could do that! Arduous warehouse labor, dusty facility, lifting 70 lbs with my left pinky.  Turns out, Poor Little Rich Girl, this position was not my calling.)

You see, idealism is the thread of our generation.  We grew up with parents, teachers, mentors who said, “Reach for the moon, and if you miss, you will land on a star”.  Which, if you’re looking for the source of entitlement for us Millenials, you can stop right there; we always expect to get something, even when we don’t measure up.

And for us Poor Little Rich Girls?  If we don’t get it at all, some eventual critter-pants-ed husband would pay for us to have it anyway.

The issue comes, though, when you don’t get the moon, or the star, or the husband.  And you’re stuck with your Poor Little Rich Girl-self, screwed — a totally hard way to find out that the world is dog-eat-dog.

Soak up the juicy connection we are so capable of. When you stop at a gas station to buy your coffee or you have a casual exchange with someone at work—if you are working–talk to people. TALK. TO. THEM. Look them in the eye, listen, listen to what they are saying and note where they are coming from. Thank them for being in this precious life, on this wild journey of life with you.

My Blog is an ode to, celebration of our statuses as Poor Little Rich Girls.  To help us be our best selves, commiserate (though not much) on our troublesome 20’s and early 30’s and to help us move forward… My true hope is to inspire you and to show that past trouble does not mean future trouble.  In other words, let’s re-write that sh*t and move on.  To fight the good fight and shine our light out onto the world.  Because what’s the point of living otherwise??

So, let’s go, Poor Little Rich Girls.  Enjoy, and spread the good love I know you have to give <3



Hi, I’m Virginia aka Poor Little Rich Girl.  About a decade ago, I suffered through and have recovered from a disturbing, yet oddly rewarding, quarterlife crisis.  I had enough angst – preppy, yet incredibly legitimate angst – and it presented itself in the grossest of ways and, has now been dealt with.  I survived anxiety, depression, 9/11, overdoses, psych ward visits, eating disorders, stealing episodes, and the like, and now that I have my sanity enough to make sense of it all and the balls, perspective, and kick-ass mentality to write about it, it’s time.  With the help of others as well as some gusto, grit, and guts I never knew were a part my internal fibers, I have turned being an angry, entitled, helpless poor little rich girl into embodying some ass-kicking well-oriented shrewdness that I hope will help and inspire. I am a Poor Little Rich Girl who’s rocking it and working to rock it, and I’m here to tell you that you can be too.

I reside in Louisville, KY and am soon moving to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming an actress on Broadway.  I have an English Springer Spaniel, 11 years old, who is a saint, and who has saved my life with her companionship on more than one occasion.  Other than that, I’m pretty normal – er….except I belt show tunes in the kitchen on a regular basis (I mean, the acoustics are INCREDIBLE).  I enjoy sports, especially hockey, theatre, and attempting be funny as sh*t.  (How am I doing?!?!?!  J).  I am also a Team Beachbody Coach and on a wellness journey, which has been a huge part of my recovery from depression and bipolar disorder.

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