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Artist Statement:

Music is a way of communicating in a unique language, a language that even non-speakers can understand and resonate with.  I have always been drawn to composing music that tells a unique story, and used to play a game with my brother where I’d have him invent a storyline or idea and I’d improvise music to accompany the concept.  When I realized film scoring was a real job, I was immediately drawn to it because of two things: one, scoring a film is like solving a puzzle – figuring out a natural tempo that hits every necessary sync point in a scene, sorting out when melodies can begin and end without distracting from conversation, and determining what instruments truly relate to the on-screen elements.  Two, most of the best-written scores consist of music the viewer rarely notices, but which subtly and completely influences his or her emotional take-away.  It’s also an amazingly collaborative experience – together, everyone who works on a film comes together to share the same story, and everyone brings their own piece of magic to the table.  One of my favorite parts of scoring film is having the opportunity with other artists at the top of their game!  It’s inspiring to be able to work with so many talented people at all career levels, and to experience the passion each and every one of them brings to their work.



From the time she was a young child, Allison Geatches has been fascinated by the idea of encapsulating emotion within pieces of music.  She started piano lessons at the age of four and had already composed and notated a full piece of music by the age of five.  At eleven, carried away in a Hogwartsian realm of fantasy, she whipped up a piano score for the first Harry Potter book, and decided at that point that film score composition was exactly where her interests lie, a perfect blend of her love for music with feeling and her love for the fantastical.  Nine years later, she was finishing up a bachelor’s degree in music at Gettysburg College and decided to apply immediately for a graduate program to really pursue this film music idea.  She studied under Andy Hill and Hummie Mann at Columbia College Chicago, gathering valuable knowledge about composing for the screen.  Since then, she has been having the time of her life getting to do the work that she truly loves. Now living in Los Angeles, Allison is currently primarily working with Mark Isham and loves each day’s new experiences.  She is thrilled to be employed in the film and television industry, and is always on the lookout for additional film projects to score. 

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