Dannie Snyder: Director

The Long-Term Side Effect Trailer

Artist Statement:

On my Facebook page, my intro reads, “Modern Renaissance Woman with a mission to unite artists.” I have credits in producing, writing, directing, cinematography/editing, art direction, music, and more for both the stage and screen.  For 2016, I have taken some small steps back as a storyteller and a bigger step towards facilitation.  In other words, I am investing less money into my productions and spending more money on seeing other people’s productions as well as facilitating classes and events.  Currently, I am conducting a lot of research and plan to soon announce a free-to-join, free-from-ads online resource for artists that inspires more collaboration between artists, stronger support for the “competition” as well as artists in different fields, experimentation in both the creative process and marketing, thinking towards the balance between good art and money, and, overall, just talking about “dying” art forms.  This fulfills my existential crisises because what is better?  To selfishly pursue a life of fame as a storyteller or to unite artists in saving “dying” art forms, particularly the stage?

My greatest experience is probably the one I am about to take in five minutes.  I will be boarding an airplane to Southeast Asia, where I will be traveling by myself for a month.  The women in my close circle who are proud of me are the ones who have traveled solo or at least recognize the importance in doing so.  The women who are scared for me are the women who do not live, whether or not they believe we live in a “man’s world” and/or forget the exciting days when we earned the right to travel unaccompanied by a man.  No new advice: we must be the hero of our own story before we imagine any other hero…  Quoting Gandhi, we must live as if we are to die tomorrow but learn as if we are to live forever.

For now, please stay tuned through my Facebook page.  I rarely post about myself and will unlikely post very much from my trip, but I do use social media passionately to promote current productions and hopefully inspire future productions.   I’m sort of like a free artist matchmaker.

Learn More about Dannie at her website Liv Creations.
The Story of Six Tusks is a theatre production and feature film produced by Dannie Snyder.  The project is currently in pre-production.  For more information, go to The Story of Six Tusks.

At the 2014 IndieCapitol Awards, Dannie’s Feature The Long-Term Side Effect was nominated: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director

Her Music Video Premiered at Austin Music Video Festival 2015.

Her Direction of This is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan was Voted Best Ensemble and for Top 10 Duos & Trios by 2014 Austin Critics’ Table Awards.


Dannie received her degrees from George Mason University in 2010, one in Theatre Studies with a Minor in Music and the second degree in Film & Video Studies.  She spent a year studying abroad focusing on Theatre of the Oppressed and Applied Theatre, using the stage as a platform for inspiring social and personal change.  From there, she began exploring how all art can be transformative for the audience and performer, experimenting through her own productions as well as through facilitating classes/events.