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“Okay – what is Dungeons and Dragons? How do you play?”

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role playing game (RPG) where people create a character and delve deep into the world created by their dungeon master. You choose a race (Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Drow, etc) and a class (Bard, Paladin, Monk, Warlock, etc). These help shape your character – the real fun is in who you create with those factors. The backstory you choose is everything, and the improv part of your story is influenced by the dice. Dice are an extremely important part of the game as they control your attributes (intelligence, wisdom, charisma, etc) and they control how you hit and attack. These are the basics of a very intricate and fantastical world.

Oh L'eauen

The following interview is with Jessica Lynn Parsons, who plays the character, “L’eauen.”

Why did you start playing D and D?

Our DM, Andrew, approached me with the idea of joining a new D&D group, and while it sounded interesting, I was really convinced to come to the first meeting because some of my girl friends were getting involved, too.

What do you like about playing?

I love the mixture of improvisation and logic. It’s pretty incredible that you can get better at playing D&D by not only dedication to learning the rules and details of the world from the Player’s Handbook, but also by being invested in your character and engaging with your friends. To make informed decisions on the spot as a character is a great acting exercise. I’m currently taking classes at UCB, so I get a double dose of improv every week!

Tell us a little about Jessica:

I grew up in Michigan with two sisters, and we had a Barbie Kingdom in our basement. For us, yes – it was about how many dresses and plastic pets our Barbie had – but it was mostly about using our imagination to create story lines that might have lasted weeks. Each story had its own set of obstacles and romances – which is directly relatable to playing a long-lasting D&D campaign!

Tell me a little about your career/day job/etc?

I work as an actor, model, and web admin/developer for a travel agency in Los Angeles. You can see me as one of the faces of  the national 2017 Toyota Corolla ad soon! I shot two independent movies this year, so we should see those coming out sometime next year.


Tell us a little about L’eauen.

L’eauen is a prideful, very young Watersoul Genasi Sorcerer, who as not yet learned to control the Wild Magic that stirs within her. She’s a lot of fun to play because I can use her naivete and inability to restrain her power to create really interesting situations. It’s so far caused incredible events, such as the creation of flumphs, levitation, and teleportation, but it’s also wreaked havoc because this power that burns in her makes her think she’s capable of facing greater challenges than she can handle. It’s a lot of fun for me to explore the Sorcerer magic in D&D5e, because the Font of Magic and Metamagic allow me not just use magic for destruction, but manipulate it in creative ways.

Anything else to add before you go?

I just want to everyone to have fun watching! Enjoy!

You can see more of Jessica’s work on her website at

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