The Cast of Shield Maidens

Every week, seven deadly dames get together and play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition in the TheGhic series Shield Maidens created by Dungeon Master Andrew Knoche. Each week we will be interviewing each player for a better understanding of the women behind the characters.

Next up is writer Emma Hull who plays the character Eloiwathe Brynne Theodore Ajax Fragmentia Containment Nix, or you can call her Nix.


Emma Hull as Nix

Why did you start playing D and D? What do you like about playing?

E: I started when I was in college. It seemed like fun. Continues to be fun. I grew up playing MUDs, so I guess this was inevitable.

Tell us a little about yourself:

E: I’m a writer. I like board games, books, and Hamilton. I’m not terribly good at volunteering information about myself. Lin Manuel Miranda’s twitter gives me life.

Why did you choose to do Shield Maidens?

E: It seemed like fun! I really love Critical Role and any opportunity to get girls gaming is one that I’m into!

Tell us a little about your character.

E: Eloiwathe Brynne Theodore Ajax Fragmentia Containment Nix likes guns, coffee, and setting fire to stuff to see how well it burns. She is unimpressed by most gelatinous cubes.

How is Nix like you?

E: We’re not really that similar at all. She’s chaotic good. I’m a bit more lawful neutral. Like, example: I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 12. Nix was probably off somewhere, devising a way to blow up a neighbor’s shed when she was 12. She’s also obviously a gun nut. And I am not. (Not that there is anything wrong with owning one! I grew up in a house that had Civil War era rifles. They just aren’t my thing.)

Nix is wayyyy more likely to fight a gazebo than I am, if you catch my drift…

Why did you create Nix the way you did?

E: I liked Matt Mercer’s gunslinger fighter class, and playing someone completely different than me is a good way to stretch my point of view and the way I look at situations.

What can we take away from Shield Maidens?

E: Hopefully, a well spent Tuesday night/youtube binge!

Check out Emma’s website for more hilarity and fun!

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