Shield Maidens: Kava



Why did you start playing D and D?

I started playing D&D because my friend, Andrew Knoche, had asked me if I was interested in being part of an all-female group of actors playing D&D that would be recorded every week and put on Youtube. Initially, I was skeptical of the idea; I’d never played the game before and didn’t know anything about it other than my pre-concieved notions that D&D was for dorks with no social lives (I know, I know). BUT, the feminist side of me was intrigued by the idea of a group of women getting together to play a typically male-dominated game like D&D; and when I found out that my friends Lexcee, Jessica, and Emma were on-board, I thought, “Ok, I’ll give it a shot, maybe this could be interesting.” Then when we had our first informational meeting and Knoche explained how the game worked, my entire attitude shifted. I suddenly became enthralled with the idea of creating a character in a world similar to that of Middle-Earth and delve into the world of D&D.

What do you like about playing?

I look forward to D&D every week because I’m curious to see where the story takes us, and also because I’m competitive and I find it extremely fun to fight and kill bad guys and partake in other general bad-assery.

Tell us a little about yourself.

 I hail from Michigan, and I’d say I’m definitely a nerd; I may not be as hardcore as others, but I have my moments:) I love Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, and my favorite holiday is Halloween because I love to cosplay kick-ass movie characters like Furiosa and Leloo Dallas, and Starfire. I used to be a gamer when I was a kid, playing mostly Nintendo 64 adventuring games; my favorites (mainly because I beat them) were, “Zelda: Ocarina of Time,” “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter,” “Paper Mario,” and of course, “Mario Kart.”

Tell me about your career / day job / etc.

By day, I work as a receptionist at Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills, but by night, I’m pursuing an acting career in Film and TV (no, you probably haven’t seen me in anything, unless you are a huge fan of the Teen Titans comics and randomly found a fan made series called the “Teen Titans Project” on the internet; I play Starfire in that <—- see? I am a nerd). But recently, I started singing Jazz music from the 40s and 50s with the group, The Beverly Belles, which is a vintage-style trio similar to the Andrew’s Sisters.

Shield Maidens

Is Shield Maidens important to you? What should we take away? 

I look forward to getting together with my fellow kick-ass lady-nerds every week because they are strong, intelligent, and talented, and I’m proud to be affiliated with such a group. And with the amount of sexism that is still plaguing our society these days, it’s important for women to stick together and challenge the status-quo. So the fact that we are getting a chance to represent real women in nerd-culture is really empowering.

Tell us about your character. 

My character is Kava, the Dragonborn Rogue. Standing 6′ tall with shiny copper and green scales, her piercing green eyes stare at you from under a dark, hooded cloak as she waits for the opportune moment to strike. She is sly and stealthy and deadly with a dagger, slitting an enemy’s throat before he even knows she’s there… Kava may sound scary, but her alignment is Chaotic Good, which means that when you get down to it, she’s just trying to do good by her own standards. A Robin Hood-type if you will, she will lie, steal, and cheat those more powerful than her as a result of being fostered in the criminal underworld. And try not to piss her off, she’s been known to use her acid breath spray in the faces of her foes.

Why did you create Kava the way you did? What is her back story?

I tend to like characters with dark story lines, and I was dead-set on having Kava be a Rogue (which is an uncommon path for Dragonborns), so in order for her backstory to make sense, I decided to create a disconnect from her heritage. Instead of being raised by Dragonborns, Kava was stolen as an egg by a human thief who later becomes her mentor and father-figure.

Anything to add? 

The game can definitely be frustrating and challenging at times, especially when plans backfire and you’re sitting there wondering what the heck you’re going to do next. Like that time Zeffer, L’eauen, and Dhalia swam out to try and commandeer a bigger ship for us to navigate through an impending storm. All of their rolls were so terrible that they ended up failing miserably, and we were forced to navigate through the storm on a tiny fishing vessel which, of course, wound up getting shipwrecked.


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