Shield Maidens : Nila

If you haven’t watched Shield Maidens yet, you better get on it. We come to a close on our deadly dames with Kailey who plays Nila.


Why did you start playing D and D? 

I started when I was a teenager. I went to a boarding school for the arts, and it was the only way I could spend time with the friends who weren’t in my classes.

What do you like about playing?

My favourite part of DnD has always been the freedom of it. Anything can happen, as long as the players are creative and bribe the DM with snacks.

Tell us a little about Kailey:

I’m Canadian, but I grew up in a small town in South Carolina, so I’ve got more manners than I know what to do with. I’d say I’m more of a nerd than a gamer. I definitely love to play RPG type PC games, like the Elder Scrolls series, or Dragon Age, but I’m a Casual. I did my free month of World of Warcraft, but my addictive personality liked it way too much and I cut myself off before things got weird. I just have my collection of fandoms and occasionally boot up my old PC if I don’t need to be productive for a week or two. I’m a Juilliard trained actor, so theatre is my first love, but my passions are VoiceOver and Stage Combat, and I’ve been lucky to make an almost-living doing some combination of those things.

Why did you choose to do Shield Maidens? 

Dungeons and Dragons is where I first found my best friends, and it’s always had a special place in my heart. When Emma approached me with the idea for Shield Maidens, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I was already a fan of Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role, and Wil Wheaton’s Titan’s Grave, and the idea that I could be a part of that kind of storytelling was really exciting.

Is Shield Maidens important to you? 

It’s usually the highlight of my week.

Tell us a little about Nila:

I play Nila Beerbiter, a human pirate barbarian. She’s a drunken brawler who likes to smash things and steal whatever she can. Her favourite things are ale, treasure, her Greataxe Francis and her pet rock, Doris.

How is Nila like you? 

I also have a pet rock.

Why did you create Nila the way you did? 

I’d just finished a campaign playing a Gnome Bard, it was mostly lots of talking and hiding in the back during battles, and I wanted to take the opportunity to play something very different. And I really wanted to smash things. I’ve never played a Barbarian before, I usually play Rogues or Druids, so it’s been fun roleplaying in such a new way.

Anything you can tell us about her backstory?

I’m actually really excited to learn it, myself! I started with a bit of a mystery and decided to let our DM use the mystery to fill out the story as he saw fit, so honestly your guess is as good as mine.

What can we take away from Shield Maidens? 

There are a lot of “gatekeepers” in this world who shame people for being new and curious about gaming and RPGs, especially if the newbies are women. Most of our party have never played DnD before, for some of them, this is their first RPG ever. And they’re doing super well! I hope that this kind of stream encourages the trend of openness in our community. It’s cool to be a nerd now, so let’s just all enjoy it!

Any personal D & D story you’d like to before we go? Or anything you’d like to add? 

I have so many stories, but most of them are pretty NSFW. That’s what happens when you play with mostly teenage boys and a female Punk Rock DM who rules them with her iron fist. I did get married once, in game. I don’t really remember the circumstances, I think I failed a Will Save, but I definitely still have the ring.


Shield Maidens airs live on Twitch on Tuesdays, but don’t worry if you’ve missed episodes, feel free to catch up on youtube!

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