The Single Girl: A Swipe Romance

Can someone please tell me how in the modern society where I can get a date without a swipe?

Seriously, is romance dead?

So I’m bumbling along. Yes, I am on bumble. What is bumble you ask? Well, along with a slew of other dating apps, Bumble is another swipe if you like app. What makes this app special you ask? Well the girl must talk to the guy first.

This breaks every code in my body, but this time in my life is all about trying new things so I soldier on. This breaks every code in my body because I am “Old-fashioned”. I am the girl who knows baby doesn’t get put in a corner. I am the girl who thinks it’s cute if a guy held a boom box outside my windows. I like flowers and candles, but oddly enough – not chocolate. I want an epic romance much like the real life examples I’ve scene.

While this notion is a dream, it’s grounded in reality. I watch these romantic dramas and comedies which while I fall into that dream world; I do understand that there’s more to the story than two cinematic hours. Fights will be had, feelings may get hurt, and times will get tough, but the thing those cinematic adventures teach us is that there is a person for you. Β There is a person that will take you breath away at least once in your life, if not more, and that’s the dream.

They will kiss you in the rain. They will buy you flowers on a Tuesday. They will slow dance with you in the middle of the grocery aisle. They will be the exception to that rule.

My problem with modern dating, I can’t possible have faith finding my soulmate with a simple swipe. Certainly my mind changed for a brief flick the last couple weeks when I stumbled upon bumble.

There are real men on bumble. REAL MEN. Niceeeeeee looking men, and I think for the first time in my life the tides had turned. There were no in appropriate pictures like Tinder and no creepy messages like OkCupid, I get to choose who I actually talk to. The ball is entirely in my court.

OH GOD, the ball is in my court. He has a chiseled body, charming smile, and beautiful eyes. For me, it’s all about the eyes. Β So, maybe, MAYBE, I’ve stumbled across Mr. Right…What in the hell could I possibly say to him?

Gentlemen, I get it, making the first move is hard. Kudos to you.

Oh, Bumble also has your match expire after 24 hours, so you don’t have all these rando matches hanging around. Then again, 24 hours to say something to this attractive gentlemen is odd. Your day gets busy, you lose track of time, and boom, love connection gone.

When did this become how we pick a life partner? When did this become how we met people in general? Does our phone have to be connected to every single, last part of our lives?

In a perfect world, my future guy is a friend of a friend or he talks to me when I’m writing in a coffee house. Maybe I bump into him on a run. Here’s the thing, dating is hard enough as it is, without adding a new element. It’s a hard enough to get past those first awkward moments without forever having to say, “We met on an app”. Maybe this this the way of the future, but gentlemen, walk up to her and say something. Ladies, it’s 2016, “old fashioned” or no, walk up to him and say something.

In this hustle and bustle technological world, can we put the phone down while we walk and take in our surroundings. Let’s put the phone down, and smile at a stranger instead of swiping, maybe, just maybe it’ll have a connection all it’s own.


The Single Girl