A Single Girl’s Hope


Someday my prince will come.

Excuse me, someday, was like two weeks ago.

I never loved dating. I think it’s very uncomfortable to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, I’m much more comfortable in a relationship and I’m very happy.”

~ Kristen Bell

That’s because homegirl, it soooooo right. Dating is the damn worst.

In 2016, the main mode of dating, especially in bigger, fast-paced cities is an app. Even then, you’ve learned to swipe left repeatedly at a pace you didn’t know your fingers could move and still no prince charming. There’s TinderOkcupidMouseMingleCoffee Meets DateeHarmonyMatch, and the list goes on. Essentially there are two sections that classify your online dating game.

  1. Your interests. Do you love those farmer’s tanned men? How about Disney? Just looking to hook up? Maybe you are the opposite and ready for the one? (If you are pay for love…cause “that’s the people who really care”)
  2. Your commitment level. Apps are designated to hook ups and to “marry”. You can either swipe in seconds or pay monthly to see those that actually want to converse with you.

That’s it. That is what the factors are to some how meeting the love of your life, and it sucks. Seriously, how hard is it to look at some specimen that you find attractive and go up to them in a personal manner asking, “Hey, would you like to get to know each other?”. There’s a instant chemistry that leads to a hope, a hope that this could be the one. There’s something electric about meeting the one, and a longly single person, I have not given up that hope. It’s refreshing to know that you still believe in love, that you still have hope. The beautiful thing about having hope is that hope means happiness.

There’s the thing, “I don’t want to die alone?”. Guess what, you will never die alone. You will have family, or if, per chance, you’re friends. Someone out there does love you. Someone someday will love you in a way no other person will. Maybe it’s a glimmer, maybe it’s a lifetime, but love does exist. Life will go on, because love, while is all you need, is not just with one person. Every person who I’ve ever met has lovingly shaped me, and there is so much beauty in that.  Perhaps, you are that person who desires love with one specific person, hope still exists in that. I do desire that one person to change my damn life, to make me look at the world differently while still remaining openly myself. I am strong enough to not need that person, but I desire it. And no matter what happens, I have hope for the ultimate love.

Here’s the thing, I am sitting in a room full of people I adore. They make my world go round and any loneliness I have completely subside. I’m okay. I’m better than that, I’m loved.

“I’ve got magic beans.”

~Rachel Green  “Friends”

I have been single, because I am flat out picky. That’s because when you’ve got the love I have – you know what you want. It took me so long to accept and revel in the love my friends give me. They really are my magic beans, and until Mr. Right comes along (which I have the peace of mind that he will) I am doing just fine.

Have hope.


The Single Girl