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I am a woman working in the film and entertainment industry. 

My chosen path is not an easy one, I have faced many hard ships in my line of work , but I have achieved so many wins that fuel me and give me strength. The normal life was never for me that much was clear. I always knew what I wanted to do even from a young age. My Mother used to take me on walks in the mountains when I was a toddler , I would not leave the house with out a boa, full costume, and movie star glasses. Next was acting out Disney Musicals from the VHS player with props, Mom said I was going to grow up to be a movie star. I remember all of this. In my self portraits  I was taking the logo from my Nantucket sweater and changing it to say Hollywood.  I remember seeing Hollywood on tv and knowing that was where I belonged.  By middle school I was accepted into a gifted and talented magnet Art and Science School.  When I was 12 years old, my family moved to Denver Colorado and I found the transition difficult. At the new school, I was continuously bullied and took to burying myself in novels, music and art . At the time I was testing at a college level. My family next moved to Highlands Ranch Colorado for the better art programs and courses. I worked as a Drama TA , studied the arts , costumes, and technical theater. My stage design for Dracula was selected to be used for the following years play. By this time my art was already being shown in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

People back then in Colorado didn’t believe you could survive as an artist.  I always knew I had to be an actor and make films so others  who felt different and alone, would know that they were not.  I just wanted people feeling sad to smile because of me. I continued to decline when I was pressed to do commercial art. I knew what I wanted and I refused to back down.  Then it happened. I was accepted into Denver School of the Arts – the most prestigious school in the state of Colorado. That year, 500 people auditioned and 5 were accepted in my major. I was a Visual Art and Photo Minor. DSA trained me well and when my IQ was tested, I scored higher than any student in DSA history. I was soon showing in Gallerys. My professional career was on it’s way. I was asked to model for a friend’s aunt for her portrait in an edgy art showing. It is around this time that I started my transition to the other side of the camera. I always wanted to act and model but was so painfully shy that I felt more comfortable doing techie work however my desire to perform was so strong. After High School I became a runway model and professional dancer for the top night clubs in the country – SOCO Nightclubs and Beatport. I soaked it up, but soon realized dancing was not enough and began acting. I booked my first audition for Six Flags Fright Fest, playing a monster on stilts in the haunted house and was paid for my entire first season acting. It was time for Los Angeles.

In L.A., I was instantly hired by David LaChapelle Studio Hollywood as an intern to PA and do fine art work. I give credit to DLC for making me so effective in production; when you are trained by David LaChapelle you are being trained by the best artist in the world. DLC set the bar very high. At the studio, I was making fine art to go into Gallery’s in Manhattan under David and Mika’s direction, and pulling for the David Guetta Shoot. Once, I was having a rough day on the David shoot and my boss Leta told me I should just be the model since I was such a diva! The PA’s and assistant director (who were all models and actors) had all been on my case as well as to why I was not working on camera. My answer was simply that I didn’t think I was good enough. When a celebrity photography studio is asking you why you don’t work on camera you kinda have to take a look at yourself and say I can do it. I grew up worshiping Warhol and DLC so to be there was my wildest dream, except acting. So I soon left PA’ing and booked a lead in a music video for a big artist and it went viral. Unfortunately for him, it was his only video to do so. The film team said my acting was the best they had ever seen, so I decided it was time to move onto television and film. I have been in over 100 TV shows, 20 feature films, and many music videos and commercials. While in acting school I decided I wanted to make a film to get my SAG Eligibility. I studied at Lesly Kahn and Vincent Chase Workshop. I started writing screenplays and stand up. I made a short film and discovered joy in the making of it and regained my passion for crew work.

I wanted to write material for Celeste Cook Studio that showed my personality instead of sitting around waiting for a call to play romantic lead. I didn’t want to worry about my age or weight either  I just wanted to make films! We shot the pilot Hollywood Yoga Hustle for my first webseries Cheating The Camera Hollywood.  It is based on a true story. I wanted to make a point about how actor’s can be taken advantage of by their representation. It is also about dating in Los Angeles particularly how difficult dating can be in Hollywood. Also how the pressure can lead to drug and alcohol addictions for many. It is the story of a woman trying to make it in Hollywood.  I joined SAG. and booked many SAG jobs after my short film, and now do cast and crew work. Most recently I wrapped on the Pilot One Of Us, a comedic web series about an improv cult and dating in Los Angeles. Yes this is a theme for me!  I feel particular pride in this as I Line-Produced, Co-Wrote, Assistant Directed as well as play leading lady in our Pilot episode entitled Jim Jones Revival. Executive Producer and Male Lead Ian Russo and I are planning the second episode shortly. We are working together to make interesting content that does not have time for the judgmental normal standards. We are writing strong roles for men and women with one goal and one goal only Comedy. Things are happening!

Whenever I have a dream I make it happen. When I do that I make another dream. If I listened to every person who said I wasn’t going to make it I never would have made it. I still have a long way to go but I am happy with my progress and know I can do anything I set my mind to. If you never have impossible dreams you will never accomplish impossible things.

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