Ally Iseman: Actress, Writer, Producer

“As an actor, writer, and filmmaker, it is deeply important to me to contribute work to this world that starts conversations, draws attention to or reframes something integral to the human experience. If there is ever any way that I can support you and your work in any of those capacities, please let me know as I would relish the opportunity to collaborate with you.” ~Ally

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I create because that is what I was made for, as a human and as a woman. We are built by nature to create. That is our deepest purpose. And that can take on many forms. Creating a business, a family, a community, a film. For me it is in collaboration, creating stories and creating opportunities for other’s to tell theirs. I do this as an actor, writer, and producer. I find fulfillment in writing because no one can stop me from doing it. No one has to give me permission. I can write whatever and whenever I want. I love writing on my own just as much as with a partner. I find fulfillment as an actor in being able to slip into others’ stories and gain new perspectives on the world around me. I live for those moments of true, unfiltered connection with another actor in the moment. I find fulfillment as a producer in being able to not only create opportunities for myself as an actor and writer, but also in using that role to create opportunities for stories to be told that might not otherwise get a chance. As my favorite hero’s uncle says: “With great power comes great responsibility.” My privilege is my responsibility. If a door opens for me, it is my duty to do whatever I can to bring someone with me for whom that door would not necessarily open. Empowerment does not mean doing everything yourself. I am empowered to create a varied tapestry of driven visionaries around myself so that we can all lift each other up.

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I’m primarily an actor, but also a writer and producer. I am currently in production on my comedy series FLIP THE SCRIPT which does just that to the gender parity issues within the entertainment industry. It has been green lit by Women In Film as their first ever digital series. Thus far we have attached Lake Bell, Jeff Garlin, Ian Harding, Amy Landecker, and Rob Huebel, among others.

I am also in development and looking for representation for my full slate of shows ranging in topic from Death With Dignity to open relationships. I was recently on an episode of ABC’s new half hour comedy AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, and also wrapped a supporting role in the suspense feature SOLVER. I am currently touring festivals with my award-winning short WEDLOCKED, an LGBT comedy about gay divorce.