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Artist Statement:

Today is an interesting day to write an artistic statement. In the past I would have said….

I have always been an enthusiastic observer of human behavior and interested in what motivates people to do what they do. That trait instilled in me a passion for theatre at a very young age. Theatre allowed me to explore a character’s motivation, interact with others in unique and often challenging ways and encouraged me to become a more empathic person.

For the past decade, It has been my hope as a director that my work motivates and inspires my community to have more empathy and understanding for each other. I gravitate towards scripts that are poetic, highly theatrical, socially relevant, have universal themes and demand a visually remarkable aesthetic.

However, with Donald Trump as America’s President Elect and his tweet calling for theatre as a “safe” place – I’m curious to see what we do as a community. Financially stable American Theatre has by in large been a place of Broadway musicals, superficial spectacle and celebrity vehicle for quite some time. It is now our responsibility to use theatre as a means of social activism and protest. I don’t know where my path as an artist will take me and it has never felt so unsteady as it does today. I hope the community at large comes together to create a highly visible, dangerous theatre of revolt and dissent – provoking the change we all so desperately want to see.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth
” This brings us to the hidden genius of the piece: Caitlin Hart, founding artistic director of The Vagrancy. Long known for tight direction and a penchant for exploration, Hart must count this Macbeth among her masterworks.” – Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost 
The LA Premiere of Tommy Smith’s WHITE HOT
“GO! Director Caitlin Hart know’s exactly what she’s doing and why.” – Steven Leigh Morris, LA WEEKLY


ART Space Warehouse’s RENT
“Hart’s direction is first rate!” -StageScene LA


Caitlin Hart holds a B.A in Theatre Arts from Aquinas College and completed the Atlantic Theater Company’s 2 Year Professional Acting Conservatory in NYC. Directing credits with The Vagrancy include: Macbeth, Maria Irene Fornes’ What of the Night? (West Coast Premiere), Tommy Smith’s White Hot (LA Premiere), Tim J. Lord’s Down in the Face of God (World Premiere), Maria Irene Fornes’ Springtime (NYC), Gary Owen’s The Drowned World (LA Premiere), Joe Tracz’s Phenomenon of Decline (LA Premiere) and Kate McMannus’s The Next Available Operator. Other directing credits include: Kim Rosenstock’s 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan (The Illyrian Players Theatre Co.), Peter Sinn-Nachtrieb’s Boom! (Alive Theatre), Jonathan Larson’s Rent (Co-Director/Over the Moon Productions), the world premiere of Nick Zill’s Obama Spy Drama (City in a Swamp Productions) the world premiere of Angie Light’s Unexpectedly Expecting (Asylum Theatre) and Before the Great Leveling (Hayworth Theatre). Caitlin is a lover of new play development and has directed many new play readings, workshops and shorts.


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Caitlin is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Vagrancy.

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