Olivia Powell: Producer / Actress

My favorite feeling in life is produced by two activities: performing and protesting.
Both fill you with adrenaline and purpose and a sharp awareness of living.  You suddenly feel like a part of a larger organism or like a thread of the world.  To me, acting is stepping out of the box of your life and into the universe.
Producing, I just fell into. Helping friends out here and there turned into a passionate drive to make things happen.  If you are producing, there is no waiting for opportunities to come to you, no yearning to see casting calls for content that matters.  You can create what we need. And we need a lot, as the people participating in the industry and as the consumers.  I want to do whatever I can to contribute to a broader ‘reality’ than what we currently see onscreen.
Olivia is currently working on The Linda Show LA. Follow the show:
 Foundry Theatre Works’ Occupation at the Hollywood Fringe Festival
 No Exit at the Schwartz Performing Arts Center
Olivia Powell holds her B.A. in Theatre Arts from Cornell University, where she focused on dramatic criticism and theatre for social justice. While attending, she was the first undergraduate recipient of the Marvin Carlson Award for Best Student Essay in Performance.  She studied acting at Cornell and at Fordham’s London Dramatic Academy.  In Los Angeles, she has appeared onstage at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater and with the Foundry Theatre Works. In the Hollywood Fringe Festival, she performed in the Foundry’s play Occupation, a gritty, political, all-female ensemble performance, which earned an Encore Award.  In film, she and her colleagues formed their own production company this year, Maxwellton Productions.  Season 2 of their web series, The Linda Show LA, launches on YouTube early next year.