Charo Molina (Modern Huge) – Musician

Hello, I am Modern Huge. I make music for people with lots of feelings.

I am a queer woman of color.

I am also a creator.

I like the feeling of leaving something where, shortly before, there was nothing. Words, music and community have always been the things that me on fire, so it’s really no surprise that I turned out to be a songwriter with an intense need to connect with others through emotion. There is no more powerful feeling than standing on a stage, looking your audience in the eye, and proceeding to tell them exactly what makes you tick. It is unbridled vulnerability on both sides, because I usually have people come up after shows and say “me too.” That’s what I’m in it for, the “me too.”

As a woman in the music industry, I’ve heard my fair share of “I thought you would be/sound like _______, but you’re actually really good.”  As a woman who plays multiple instruments, I’ve heard worse.  I’ve found that building a musical community of intersectional feminists has allowed me to find the support that not only helps you grow as an artist, but allows you to soar as an individual.

I recently joined the Homoground podcast as a host and I’ve found it has deepened my fulfillment by allowing me to help individuals connect to the work of others. I have always been passionate about lifting the voices around me, but to be able to serve the LGBTQIA+ community in this capacity has changed my life in a way I hadn’t foreseen. Making sure that within that already rich spectrum of diversity, the voices of people at all intersections, including women and people of color, do not get pushed to the side is an honor and a responsibility I proudly take on.


Modern Huge – “My Feelings For You Are Complicated” (Official Video)

Modern Huge – “Nothing Left to Love”

“Oxygen” (Willy Mason Cover)

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I just have a lot of feelings.
Thankfully, I fell in love with making music as an itty bitty thing. Of course, there were phases. There was my first love, J.S. Bach, who taught me that music could move you to tears and make your heart sing without lyrics. Somewhere in the middle House, 90s Pop Rock/Alternative, Metal, Hip Hop, R&B, Nelly Furtado (come at me, bro), and Jeff Buckley happened to me. Eventually, I found Elliott Smith and my life was saved; I learned that you could combine the beauty of music with the sublime grit of honest lyrics. I haven’t looked back since.

After nine years of performing as Charo Sofia throughout my home field of New England, I adopted the moniker Modern Huge, fled the coop to Los Angeles, and embarked on a project that would help shatter the constraints I felt as a singer/songwriter, allowing me to touch on all of my musical influences. Here’s hoping you dig it.