Kylee Norfleet : Cosplayer



Artist Statement:

I’ve always loved Halloween and the whole process that goes into creating a costume or look you are proud of. Being an aspiring special effects makeup artist makes me naturally drawn to the outlandish wonders of life. Going through a very rough patch in my life both creatively and personally, I found cosplay as my creative saving grace. I can be anything I want and create whatever I want. It’s the feeling of being powerful and confident in whatever look you choose to portray. It is hard to put into words but all I can say is that I’m really excited to be so involved and am very grateful to the community and wonderful friends I have made, and continue to make along the way. I’m inspired to keep on creating and collaborating with more of the amazing artists I come across. I look forward to continuing this fun journey, and producing fun cosplays to inspire others.





Kylee is an LA native and having a choreographer as mother was always around performing arts. Since the age of 5 she was doing musical theater with the Janet Aderley School of performing arts. Some of her favorite productions were “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”, “Damn Yankees”, and “The Wiz”.  In high school she was involved in front of and behind the curtains, whether it was playing violin in the pit orchestra or heading the hair and makeup department for show. “Once on This Island”, “The Pajama Game”, and “Fiddler on the Roof” were a few titles she has under her belt. It was there that she found her calling in special effects makeup and now wants to pursue that as a career for film and television. After high school she continued her passion for acting, singing, dancing, and makeup by taking classes and auditioning for roles. Kylee has special effects makeup credits for several USC grad school films including “Haven’s Point” and “Athena” both of which have received acclaim at various film festivals. She has a BA in Media Studies with a concentration in Video and Film Production from Marymount California University and her love for children and performing arts just grew stronger, which is what prompted her to start learning balloon twisting. The more ways she can make a child smile the better and it’s why she does what she does. She continually works hard to sharpen these talents and when she’s not being a princess, balloon twisting, or face painting she is presenting films at the movie theater or babysitting. She loves that she has found a place that utilizes her creative talents of acting, singing, performing, special effects makeup, and balloon twisting. Being a positive role model for anyone and encouraging them to follow their dreams no matter how big they are is very important, and for Kylee, that what its all about.







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