Provvidenza Catalano


Artist Statement:

I’ve always been interested in the multiplicity of the human experience. I believe that we exist in so many ways, and it’s our duty to honor it. As an artist, that manifests in both form and content. My work often finds itself at the intersection of personal experience and social justice. As those topics are vast, my work finds itself in many corners.The form it takes, whether it be a character, an essay, a poem, etc is not so much about choice for me, but rather a belief that things land where they are supposed to land.  I’m interested in creation.  I believe that art is resistance. I believe that art is a creator of empathy. I believe that art and artists are necessary, and I believe that art is a revolutionary tool.


Provvidenza Catalano is a multidisciplinary artist and organizer. You can find her doing acting things, film things, theatre things, poetry things, fashion things, music things, comedy things and a variety of other art things all over Los Angeles and the World Wide Web. When not doing those things she is organizing and wrestling in the Los Angeles League of Lady Arm Wrestlers, a charity league dedicated to raising funds for the community via arm wrasslin’, social justice and theatre. She is a member of the band, CUNTHAUS, Co-Founder of Lady Studies Productions and fat babe extraordinaire at Hot Chub Fashion, a tumblr dedicated to fat positivity and HOT LQQKS. Her artistic rabble rousing centers on bodies of size, queerness, chronic illness and the search for emotional fullness.