MariAnne MacGregor: Artist




I am a photographer, making primarily black and white seascapes. For me, there is no better place to be. There is the wide open expanse of sea and sky, the rhythmic – and relentless – motion of the waves and clouds, the immensity of it all. Being there makes me acutely aware of the boundless nature of time and space. It is something of a sacred experience, alternating between humility and inspiration – a deep understanding that I am both small, my presence here transient, and also a part of this vast and enduring space. To me, that is everything. Making photographs enriches my life by shifting the attention I give to the world around me and what I notice. To get to the ‘essence’ of a scene demands my total engagement, receptiveness, and awareness. It is, at heart, a simpler, less complicated, yet more profound experience of the world. The technical and physical processes of making these photographs reflect my experience as well – black and white for its simplicity and elegance, long exposures to capture movement (and slow me down!).




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When not making photographs, you can find me dancing – West Coast Swing – or making noise about the state of American politics.