Aeryn Michelle Williams: Director

Artistic Statement:

It is difficult to form an artistic statement about my work when I feel that my work is still gestating and maturing. Certainly, there is a theme; my stories revolve around queer people of color. I am ever accepting of that theme, as I am a queer POC, but at the same time do not want to be confined by it. As I develop as an artist through life experience, I hope to be able to write and direct viscerally and unapologetically. Too often, as women or people of color, we apologize for our existence; we shrink because a faint whisper inside tells us that we do not belong in certain spaces. That our voices, ideas, objections do not matter. I hope to write characters that live and breathe unapologetically, or are at least striving to reach that place of liberation.

More important than the liberation of my own artistic voice are the artistic voices of those who are disenfranchised. My objective is to demonstrate to the black, brown, queer, female, bodies that they too could have the freedom of expression and liberation. However, that liberation only comes from seeing oneself mirrored back to you, and not as a perfunctory set piece to the story of someone else, but with depth and authenticity.

I am relentlessly striving to be a better storyteller, to be an artist in full command of her talents. And on the path towards intangible perfection, I hope to pave the way for other artists seeking to express without limits.

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My Roommate’s Girlfriend



Aeryn Michelle Williams is a writer/director from Detroit, Michigan. No, she didn’t grow up near 8 mile. Aeryn is currently a writers’ production assistant where she manages the moods of twelve adults by making executive decisions about where to order lunch, and making sure they are properly caffeinated. She is amazing at her job. If she were to get a Yelp review for her work it would be 4.5 stars (there’s always room for improvement). Aeryn is also a really good writer; back in 2012 her play No Homo won the New Playwrights Festival in Central NY. Since living in Los Angeles, she has written, produced and directed four short films, some of which have gone to screen at various film festivals around the country. This month, her film My Roommate’s Girlfriend will be screening at the HollyShorts Film Festival. Aeryn spends her days being socially anti-social, vigorously writing in her bat cave, and watching re-runs of Parks and Recreation for the thirtieth time.