Kelly Reed : Director

Kelly Reed : Director


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Artist Statement:
“A macabre sense of humor” is a great way to describe how I view the world. Growing up, I often wondered whether I was wasting my childhood, filled both with an equal sense of dread and hope. I was consistently compelled to save the world in the name of Captain Planet, while reminding myself that I was eight and couldn’t walk to the corner store without one of my older brothers escorting me. At some point in my 20’s, I discovered that was called anxiety.
My work today is a love letter to just that: the strange, and all things patterned. I love creating art that embodies my old fears and then through the process of creating stripping them away. I consistently use my work to remind myself that I’m capable. However, I count myself secondary in my process. My work is for those who feel incomplete, misrepresented, and alone; it’s for those who can’t explain why they feel the way they do and carry on quietly all the same.
Growing up, I had little love for my gender, though I now embrace my distinct, female narrative voice. Growing up with three brothers,  I felt out of place as a girl. I was constantly jealous of not being able to go shirtless on summer days. Being female seemed so strange. Everything from periods to bras seemed like a nuisance and I didn’t want any part of it. So, I fought it and I was mad about it, and embarrassed. I don’t know what is was, I don’t think it was one thing in particular, but I came around to being who I am. I think at some point I figured out that women aren’t the cartoons that they are made out to be. We aren’t all sex bombs, damsels, and housewives. Being those things are 100% okay, but they weren’t me. It was very freeing to not have to try and fit in a box that just couldn’t hold me. I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of creating work that represents my gender in a positive way.
Stylistically, I’m driven by texture that drives depth and authenticity. Certain patterns, colors, and layers are exhilarating when placed together in just the right way. Currently I’m stuck on Jewel tones, ribbons, film flashes, and overlays.

Bear Ceuse “ZAHMBIES”


Graduated in 2011 with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Media Arts. Spent her college years working hard at WSIU, a PBS affiliate, and pedaling her bicycle in circles at the Mass Comm. parking lot as she worked out story lines in her head. Along with obtaining a degree and two minors, she slayed the competition and won a Regional Emmy, a Golden Hugo, and National College Television Award for her work in documentary television and alternative media.

In the past six years she has had her music videos on MtvU,,,, and 26:46. She is a skilled editor, camera assistant, and director. To check out her current work please go to She currently works on season 6 of Catfish. When she has down time in LA she looks for bands to work with, photographs her friends, and works with her writing partner (the wonderful Jessie Rippel) on screen plays.

In the future, she would would love to direct children’s programming, R&B music videos, and one perfectly horrible horror film.



Kelly Reed

The Dead Ships – “First Mistakes”