Robin Parent: Actress


As an actor in the film world, I have experienced first hand the biased situations many women face in a male dominant industry. I have had horrible things said about me and heinous acts committed against me in only a matter of 3 years. Some of it was enough to make me want to stop. I did. For one year I left my love of acting behind because I couldn’t handle what was thrown at me. I felt weak and unfulfilled. I tried to become what the industry wanted me to become. I hated it; so I quit. That little acting bug never left, it just lay dormant until I was ready to see it again. Since then I’ve grown to enjoy my strength and now I’m looking forward to a main supporting role in a SAG feature film and a whole new level of passion for acting for film.




Robin is a Boston based actress who has studied theatre in Colorado and film in California. She has spent time in California working on multiple web series as well as short films. In September she will be filming a main supporting role in a 90’s style cult horror comedy feature film in New Jersey and New York. Her favorite roles have a sliding scale of morality and she certainly sides with the dark and twisted characters.