But If Life Were Only Moments…

…Then you’d never know you’d had one.  – Into The Woods

Lexcee and I recently saw Into the Woods at the Ahmanson Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. I’ve seen this show a million times and have even performed the part of Cinderella (shocking). This was the best live performance of the show I have ever seen, so if you are on the fence – go. It’s only rival is the VHS version of the original cast with Bernadette Peters as the witch, and really – who can compete with that?

Moments in the Woods

The song that always sticks out to me is sung by the Baker’s wife in the second act. She has just finished making out with a Prince and is pondering why all of life can’t simply be filled with magic and bliss.

This is one of my favorite thoughts. Whenever I’ve had a great day, a day filled with joy, purpose and escape, I often find myself dreading the return of reality and obligation and the circle of life. Don’t get me wrong – Lexcee and I have it better than most. We have created a goal for ourselves and we are brave enough to chase it. Like many, we are pursuing our dreams, and we accept that it is hard. We get bogged down by the cycle of trying to create and produce and it is often a sacrifice to our time, our lives and our bank accounts. As two broke girls living in one of the most expensive cities in the country, this can often lead to a sense of suffocation by our own art. We accept that if we want to succeed we have to work hard, then harder. However, we also accept that this doesn’t have to consume every atom in our universe.

Que the days when you wake up and think – Screw it, today is going to matter. Today I am actually going to live. I understand the choices I have made, the circumstances I am in and I accept them – but today I deserve the extraordinary. Today I am going to break the chain and breath deep and explore the possibility of greatness in the world around me.

Sometimes life seems like a long list of “have to do’s” and we just accept it, either with silence or complaint. In the pursuit of our dreams we still have to pay bills and go to our day jobs and continuously keep pushing for our lives to start.  However, I often forget that my life has already started and that I am living it everyday and if I want to have a moment, I need to make it happen.
If you go SEARCHING for fun  and inspiration, instead of waiting for it to come, you can break the ties of the mundane, take control of the single day of freedom and create the memories you will fondly recall in years to come. This is an idea that I continuously forget as I get older and sink further into obligation and commitment. Your life choices do not have to be a prison sentence. Everyone is human and allowed to crave and demand every once in awhile. If you wait for someone and something to come and take away your boredom and pain, then it is never going to come and you will never be saved.

I find that comforting – the thought that I have the power to save myself from anything and I choose to live that way. If I am unhappy where I live – I move. If I can no longer stand my job – I get another one. Thanks to this way of life, I have lived a beautiful life filled with varied and strange experiences and have cherished different and loving people. The best part is – I’ve barely begun. I still have about 70 years of ass kicking left and I plan on squeezing out as much fun as possible. In choosing to create moments, I find the strength and the joy in living the rest and cherishing the “mundane”. 

Let the moment go…
Don’t forget it for a moment, though.
Just remembering you’ve had an “and”,
When you’re back to “or”,
Makes the “or” mean more
Than it did before.
Now I understand-

And it’s time to leave the woods.

-Miranda Rawson


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