Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Every once and while there comes that fiction that feels like warm cocoa and cozy blankets. It’s often that fiction that speaks to your soul or illuminates a corner you didn’t know about. Something the fiction is deep and grandiose, others is basic comfort.

Something Borrow was a 2010 movie with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin. It became my best friend and I’s go to film. We know that dance by heart. She is my Darcy, or maybe she’s the Rachel…I actually don’t know.

What I do know is that friendships come and go, but there is that one friend, that always there, thick and thin best bud. Rachel and Darcy are great because they are both flawed. The book is a set, like the friendship a grand ole’ pair. I suggest reading both, but if you’re lazy feel free to watch the movie. Personally the casting of both Darcy and Rachel was perfection.

Rachel is someone I used to relate to. She’s the sweet one. She’s the kind one. She’s the one who silently screams what she wants but never actually does anything about it. Something Borrowed is vastly about Rachel’s struggle of the fact that the possible love of her life is also Darcy’s fiancee.

Without spoiling too much, the second book is vastly about Darcy’s unexpected pregnancy and her misunderstood hatred of Rachel. How do you hate someone who has practically been you other half for so long?

Girls are difficult. Never let us fool you. Our emotions are all over the place. We are difficult, plain and simple.

When you get two of us, who are almost inseparably close, disaster can occur. Girls don’t really have girl code, because at the end of the day we truly do want the other one to be happy. We don’t have dibs or bro code, we have hope. Every so often those things pop up where maybe, just maybe, we should have a girl code.

Darcy and Rachel and their guys

Enter Dex, or in my case one of my college boyfriends. Laura liked him, really liked him, but he and I were quickly growing close. Rachel had always like Dex, but Dex found himself dating Darcy. I found myself dating college boyfriend and almost losing a friendship. The issue with Dex cause a lot of issues and a sense of loss for Darcy and Rachel. There will be that one guy who is worth jeopardizing your friendship over, and when that man comes along, shaking up your world as you knew it, hopefully she understands.

Dating the same man is a sticky situation. If he winds up being one’s soulmate then what a wonderful happy ending. If he doesn’t and you put him before your friends like Darcy winds up doing, it doesn’t end well for you or him. Something Blue scared me more than I expected. Darcy is selfish, often wanting Rachel to do what she wants, and when she doesn’t she hates her once best friend more then ever. While Rachel is selfish in the first book, Darcy is supremely selfish in the second…well both books really.

The issue is communication. With women it always leads back to communication. If Rachel would have told Darcy how much she loved Dex, Darcy probably would have never gone after him. If Darcy had communicated her needs to anybody at all she would not have had so many anger issues. If they had communicated how much they valued each others friendship, they would not have gone months without talking. They wouldn’t have missed out on each other’s big moments.

Both need to realize who they were alone, but both needed to be honest with the other about their mishaps. Friendship is not a competition, and while Rachel always knew that, a competitive nature would sneak up on her. Darcy never knew. Darcy was competitive on all things, and she lost Rachel because of that.

Spoiler Alert: Their friendship survived. Most amazing female friendships survive. Life changes around you, and the friendship changes, yet the bond is always there. You know because no matter how much time spent apart, it always feels like you picked up right where you left off.

Darcy and Rachel

Something Borrow and Something Blue were both written by Emily Giffin. While the books have common threads of romance, the true focused pairing is the friendship between Darcy and Rachel. Sometimes it’s nice to settle in with the girls and share each other’s lives. Thank you Emily Giffin for hitting that relationship on the head.

Hudson and Goodwin in ‘Something Borrowed’ / Warner Bros.


Just like there is someone old, there is always someone new. Our loves are the something new. They are exciting and transcend what love we knew before. Our friendship is our something old. It is steadfast and steady, tried and true. We’ve made it through the borrowed stages and well make it through the blue one too.

~Lexcee Riley



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