DaisyLight is a small but mighty production company that primarily focuses on the written word. Our partnership started, as most do, in a bar over a glass of wine. We connected over the fact that, as children, our notebooks were filled with ideas where girls would drive the story, wore the pants, and could be the hero. As adults, we thought it was time to take those dreams and turn them into a reality. We started to write Displaced, a television pilot that changed our lives. Instantly it became a story about two female leads, a mother and a daughter, who fight to uplift each other while also facing the challenges of the world. From then on we were unstoppable. Script after script came pouring from our imagination. Our daily muse is a flood of great women either personal, societal, or historical. Through their actions and experiences we extract a wisdom. We’ve chosen to flesh out those stories and turn them into a full blown action for the next generation.